Q.What is Map Life?

Map Life is a life-log service that you can view, record and categorize your actions when and where on the map.

Q.Is Map Life Free?

Map Life is a free application

Q.What is Create Map and Create Spot?

You can create maps for each category, such as gourmet maps and travel maps.
Within the map you created, you can create places you visited and care about as spots.

Q.What is switching between Map and Wall?

By tapping the Wall button you can switch from map to wall.
By tapping on the spot you can switch to the spot wall where you can see details.
Since the information posted chronologically on the wall, it is very convenient to check where and when, what you were doing .

Q.What is a Map List?

From the Map List, you can easily switch to another map.

Q.What is Search Nearby?

By entering keywords from the search button you can search the surrounding facilities.

Q.What is a Published Map?

By publishing the map, it would be shared with other users.
You can connect with other users by liking, bookmarking and commenting.

Q.Can I make a published map private?

You can publish or unpublish the map at any time.

Q.Can it be used from other than App?

From https://www.mplf.net/, you can use Map Life Web version.

Q.Can I use it from other than the browser?

You can use Map Life on iOS, Android too.
App Store Google Play

Q.Do I need to log in or create an account?

You can use the full function by creating an account and logging in.
※ If you use without logging in, some functions will not be available.
※ In the web version, creating an account is required except browsing the published maps.

Q.Can I transfer maps or spots that I registered without logging in to my new account? (App only)

Transferring data depends on conditions.
Creating a new account by procedure of [Register] → [Create Account] from the menu.

<Not Transferable>
Transferring to already existing account

Q.What happens to the maps and spots I created when uninstalling the application?

· Maps and spots transferred to an account
· Map and spot created with an account
The above ones will appear if you re-install and login to the account

Q.I do not receive email confirmation

Please check the following points
1.Please check whether the entered email address is correct.
2.Please check the mail address accessible from your smartphone.
3.Please check whether mail from info@mljsv.com, mobilelifejapan.co.jp is received in the spam folder.
Please check the above and if problem still happens, please contact us.

Q.I cannot log in

Please enter your ID and password correctly and try again.
If it still does not solve the problem, please reset the password.
Forgot Password

Q.Map Life does not work properly

Please restart your device and try again.
Also, depending on the poor network connection, it may not operate properly.